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About us

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Since 1993, the company is undertaking developmental and production activity in the field of the energy-saving technologies, including heat and cold insulation from blown polyurethane foam, used for technological processes, as well as pre-insulated pipes for heating networks. The wide range of applications for this type of products - varying from the food industry to insulations in the energy sector has lead to a good reception on the market for these products.



The high-quality production often is not enough in the dynamic market. One of every producers main advantages is the ability for quick reaction when it comes down to delivery of components and products. INSTALL ENGINEERING is able to deliver all pipe sizes and fittings up to DN 250 within 48 hours. Every non-standard order is being processed and produced within 5-7 business days from the filing date.


Before the actual delivery of the technological pipelines for a specific project, our specialists are able to offer technical consultations about the pipelines working modes, calculations of the stresses, thermal expansions and thermal losses, according to clients requirements.
 In certain situations, a redesign of an existing project can be made, in connection with amendments to landscaping, cadastre, etc.

In all situations, INSTALL ENGINEERING is at your service.


Maintaining high personnel qualification in connection with the design, production and implementation of projects is one of the main priorities of INSTALL ENGINEERING. Providing its clients and partners with a highly qualified assistance in the form of professional instructions at the building site as well as in connection with the installation and exploitation of the pipelines is a primary advantage of the company.

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