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For the effort to create your own standard

Since its foundation INSTALL ENGINEERING has always strived to create its own quality standard. Our strategy is simple: the easiest way to solve a problem is to split it into several smaller ones. This strategy has always led to effective, reliable and quality solutions.

Since 1998, the company is officially licensed by the Energy Committee.

INSTALL ENGINEERING is a member of the Bulgarian Branch Association of Power Engineers as well as the Chamber of Installation Specialists in Bulgaria.

All raw materials in our production are subject to company quality control. The quality of individual parameters such as thickness of the main steel pipe, foam insulation density, thickness of the protective polyethylene pipe, constant thickness of the insulation layer, etc. is carefully checked.

The quality control of the products is an inseparable part of the production process. This includes check of the tensile strength, compressibility, elasticity, adhesion of the insulation, radiographic control of the pre-insulated fittings, etc.
All our products are accompanied by the respective quality certificates, as well as certificate of origin, in accordance with the new amendments of BDS.
Our products are manufactured in accordance with the following European norms for production of these materials:

  • Pre-insulated pipes: EN 253
  • Fittings:  EN 448
  • Valves:  EN 488
  • Compensators: EN 489

INSTALL ENGINEERINGs specialists are always working in accordance with the latest technologies for this kind of production worldwide. The technical documentation is regularly updated as in compliance with all modern technologies, as in terms of the specific requirements for energy transfer in Bulgaria.

We believe that implementation of a production in line with international standards is only one minimum in the desire to introduce its own standard.

Install Engineering ISO 14001 BG
Install Engineering ISO 14001 EN
Install Engineering OHSAS 18001 BG
Install Engineering OHSAS 18001 EN
HDPE certificate EN 12201
Install Pipe
Install Pipe
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