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Climatron Ltd. performs investment projects of different types of sites industrial and municipal:

  • Heat transfer trails in urban environments;
  • Landing heat pipelines in industrial plants;
  • Heat exchange stations and substations to thermal power plants with heat-transfer fluids like water and steam;
  • Domestic heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). Water cooling and heating systems (boilers and heat pumps), gas combustion air systems and air handling units, radiant heating;
  • Hot water and steam boiler installations with chimneys for residential and commercial buildings, as well as for industrial plants dairy, meat, cans, glasshouses, etc;
  • Fuel farms gas supplying from the central gas transmission network, diesel, oil, coal, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), methane and etc. fuel farms;
  • Industrial dust removal and ventilation systems;
  • Plumbing and refrigeration installations;
  • Construction projects of containers, pipelines, heat exchangers, etc.;
  • Technological pipelines and product-specific pipelines oil and petroleum pipe systems with steam and electric satellites, flexible fuel lines with leakage control, pipelines for refrigeration and air-conditioning, etc.
  • Technical and economic solutions, related to energy efficiency purchasing deadlines and economic evaluation of equipment, related to energy efficiency (thickness of thermal insulations for buildings, facilities and pipelines, heat pumps, energy sources, fuels, etc.;
  • Air-compression systems;
  • Non-standard thermal-engineering tasks;

The company has highly qualified personnel certified designers, members of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design, authorized to design the construction of first-class buildings. They have extensive long-term experience in the design, production, installation, and exploitation of the above-mentioned systems. The companys personnel is in constant contact with production, installation and trading companies, as well as with processes, aiming at the development of the most effective and feasible for the investor projects. In the design process, a wide range of specialized software is used for determining the tensile strength characteristics, for defining and selection of substation elements, boilers, chimneys, etc. It is also used for calculating the heating and cooling loads of buildings, for hydraulic calculations, for determining the economically optimal heat insulation, etc. All this allows fast and accurate design of your projects with guaranteed performance in project implementation in terms of capital and energy costs for working facilities.

In addition, the company has the necessary measuring equipment, experience and know-how for quantitative assessment of heat losses in flat and cylindrical surfaces walls, floors, ceilings, windows of residential, office and industrial buildings, refrigeration rooms and equipment, heat exchangers, receivers, collection units, thermal batteries, ground and underground piping installation (heat and steam pipelines, etc.). Economical assessments and evaluations about heat insulation effectiveness, as well as savings from reduced heat losses through the listed items can be performed on this basis.
We remain at your disposal for any kind of inquiries and assignments in the field of heating and cooling systems.

Reference list of projects, designed by Climatron Ltd

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