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Refrigeration and thermal insulations

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Hard polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulations are highly effective and are found in wide range of applications in energy-saving and heating processes.

Their excellent insulation features, combined with strength, lightness and diversity in many forms and sizes, provide an opportunity for versatility in application fields such as:

  • Insulation of building structures in the form of panels, through foam injection in openings, roof insulation, thermal bridges, etc.
  • Insulation of pipelines, heat exchange apparatus, plant and equipment.
  • This type of insulation are resistant to water and steam and maintain permanent coefficient of thermal conductivity, in contrast to mineral wool.

PUR/PIR insulation advantages:

  • Easy to manufacture
  • Excellent thermal characteristics
  • Low volume weight combined with high volume density
  • Absence of fiber and harmful emissions
  • Resistant to fungi and molds
  • Eliminate the risk of penetration of water and vapor in the machine
  • No ozone depleting CFC/HCFC agents are used in the manufacture process

PUR/PIR insulation applications:

  • Production of high-density insulation for cryogenic pipe supports
  • Production of thermal insulations for heat and cold pipelines in the form of shells
  • Production of thermal and cold insulations for containers and machines
  • Production of panels with different sizes for heat and cold insulations
  • Production of ready-form insulations through injection of polyurethane foam
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